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Background Info! February 8, 2010

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Feb 8th 3:23 pm

OK so you may be asking yourself “Self, why is this chick so interested in working for TOMS Shoes?” well I’ll tell you the story behind it. Its actually a short story, but I think its pretty interesting.

On Feb 1st 2010, (exactly one week ago) Blake Mycoskie came to my school to speak. Now, I had heard of TOMS Shoes before but I really didnt look into it so much. I just didn’t bother to find out the history behind it. But then I saw that the founder was coming to speak so I thought this might be a good chance to go find out what this company was all about. So I went to hear him speak and WOW I cannot even put into words how I felt once I left his speech. I was so inspired I felt like I should go right out and do some community service work. I felt like I wanted to be apart of this company like a year ago and I felt a little disgruntled that all this time this company had been operating and I knew nothing about it. I couldn’t believe I was so ignorant of something that was so awesome! I mean, this company is like the business embodiment of everything I have been looking for in my life and that is not even a slight exaggeration. I knew I wanted a job that was laid back, with cool people, something with a purpose and a cause, something that was about more than making money. A job that I could feel good about, a place that will utilize ALL of my abilities including my creativity and unparalleled organizational skills….. a place just like TOMS!

Then I went into freak out mode. I realized that TOMS was a very desirable place of employment and I might not have a chance of getting in. I found this thing, I think it was on their blog, and it said that last year TOMS had 4,000 applicants for 10 positions……. TEN POSITIONS!!!!! and this was a year ago! Im sure there will be 1,000 more this year! What the heck was I thinking ? How did I expect to stand out in a stack of that many applicants. But then I found the name of a person who is currently interning at TOMS, Sarah Walpert. I looked her up on facebook and we chatted a little and she made me feel allot better, she made me think that I could have a chance after all. Maybe my dreams weren’t so impossible as I one thought. Just to quote a small part of our dialogue …….

Sarah:  “I think it’s great that you are so into TOMS… you have to be to work here, because like you said, it’s reallyyy competitive. On that note, they have to choose someone, right? So why shouldn’t that someone be you?”

She was absolutely right! Why shouldn’t they pick me? No reason I can think of. As a matter of fact, I think TOMS and I would be an excellent fit together. They would LOVE me! So I started on my quest. The mission: become apart of the TOMS family. How to do this? Well get the internship for one thing, and the deadline is fast approaching. I have exactly 20 days to complete the application with all the thought provoking questions, redo my resume and have it reviewed by as many people as possible, and write an amazing cover letter that will make TOMS realize that they want me just as much as I want them. Well I have allot of work to do so I better get to it!

Carpe Diem!



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