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A really long day…. February 10, 2010

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Feb 10th 3:27 pm

So today has been very long, upsetting, and slightly discouraging. I went to a seminar at my school called “Life After College” and I went to workshops on resume writing and interviewing and stuff like that. I just feel like all of the skills that I thought were awesome really aren’t all that  great and unique so I really need to do an amazing job of selling myself. The TOMS deadline is in 18 days and I have yet to even start my cover letter, which I thought I would learn something about today but didn’t. And on top of that, I got a parking ticket for parking in the wrong place for the conference……… Oh well, I guess it’s worth it if I get the job at TOMS. (and I really hope I get the job, in case that wasn’t already clear) oh well, im off to edit my resume now.


8:36 pm Update:

Resume is done, cover letter is done, I’m off to bed. Exhausted!


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