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Back to Business February 14, 2010

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February 14th 5:19 pm

So yesterday I took a little break from the TOMS internship stuff. Not by choice really, my mom demanded it (she said I was working too hard) and so I couldn’t help but comply, but now I’m back. The other day I read the blog post by the current TOMS interns and it looks like they are having a great time. I can’t wait until I’m in their shoes. I’ve sent out my TOMS information to about six people to review it but its quite lengthy so I don’t expect to hear any feedback for a few days. I think I will also take my resume to the career services at my school to make sure its in the best shape possible. There is a meeting tomorrow for my campus newspaper and I want to go to make sure I get to write a piece about the Style your Sole event on campus in about two weeks. I think that would be kind of cool to have an article I wrote about TOMS printed in a newspaper. Im also working on planning a barefoot race for April 8th but im running into some locational problems so I need  some input from my fellow SAGE-etts at this weeks meeting…….



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