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Every morning I wake up……. March 2, 2010

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Hello ALL!

It is currently 3:28 AM on March 2nd. I woke up bright and early this lovely morning to register for classes and of course the system is overloaded with so many people trying to register, so I had a litttle free time and thought I’d update you guys.

So today is the first day after the TOMS Internship deadline so all of my information is officially in and there is nothing to do now but wait…….. Wait and continue spreading the One for One movement of coarse! I hit a big milestone last week! I finally got approval for the barefoot race to be held on my campus. At first they were really worried about the liabilities and everything, but I eventually won them over as I had  no doubt I would.

Also the local TOMS retailer here is officially a GO to come represent TOMS at Earth Day so that is awesome!!!! Im so excited for this I can barely sit still!

However….. I do have classes today so I need to hit  the sack! Talk to you guys later!


P.S. Style You Sole is TODAY!!!! YAY!!!! Story Coming Soon!!!


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