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Style Your Sole Party @ GA Southern!!!! March 2, 2010

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So today was the Style Your Sole party here and it was so much fun! I think I want to have one for my birthday!

Here are the shoes I designed!

And here are some other great designs there!

Also I reported on the event for my school newspaper….. here is the article that will appear in Thursday’s edition of the George Ann….

Style Your Sole

By: Alecia Norman

Georgia Southern students came together on Tuesday evening to participate in the school’s very first Style Your Sole party. This event, hosted by the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement (OSLCE), was set to promote TOMS Shoes and their One for One mission.

Students became excited for the Style Your Sole event when Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, came to campus in early February. Mycoskie explained the foundation of TOMS and their unique business practice of giving away a new pair of shoes for every pair sold. The response from his speech was overwhelming, as many students were motivated to find ways to participate in the One for One movement.

Jodi Middleton, the Assistant Director of the OSLCE, stated that there were over 50 participants in Tuesday’s event with many students signing up as far as one month in advance.

“The students really enjoyed Blake’s speech and wanted to get involved. I think the students here are more motivated to take action than at any other school I’ve experienced.” said Middleton.

Style Your Sole is an event created by TOMS to encourage creativity while spreading the One for One movement. Parties have been hosted in all 50 states and the United Kingdom. Every Style Your Sole party is different and unique. Participants bring their imagination and various inspirations to create a shoe that defines their personality and helps children around the world.

At Georgia Southern’s Style Your Sole party, students were told to bring only their imaginations, as all of the art supplies and shoes were provided and included in the sign up cost. The OSLCE was able to bring this event to students at a significantly discounted price. Shoe donations were also taken to obtain the goal of giving away two pairs of shoes for every one pair sold for this event.

Participants came with ideas of all kinds. They showed off their styles with everything from peace signs to inspirational quotes to enhance the already stylish TOMS Shoes. One student filled her TOMS with statistics on poverty and disease around the world, to make a statement while still being fashionable.

Burgin, a Junior Finance major here at Georgia Southern, stated that this was her first Style Your Sole party and she now wants to host her own. “I love TOMS Shoes and the work they do is so inspirational. If buying a pair of shoes for myself can help a child in need, I say ‘Why not?’.”

Along with an evening of shoe styling, students enjoyed music from Do Good DJs and artistic help from members of the Art Guild.

Middleton stated that she was happy with the turnout and hopes to make this a regular event here at Georgia Southern.

Mycoskie’s visit had a significant impact on Georgia Southern students and many people have been affected as a result. Style Your Sole is just the first event on campus to promote the One for One movement. Upcoming events include a barefoot race hosted by the Student Alliance for a Green Earth (SAGE) in accordance with TOMS One Day without Shoes on April 8th.  For more information visit

…… Overall I think it was a really great day!….



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