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Barefoot Race In The News!!! April 9, 2010

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Ok so it seems that the barefoot race got allot of people’s attention. Not just on campus but in the community as well. Some news organizations even picked up the story which is so awesome! The Barefoot Race was featured in The George Ann, The Statesboro Herald, The Boro News, and several multimedia communications majors even came out to cover the race for class assignments!

Here are some links to the sites that have posted barefoot race coverage. I’m not sure how long they will be active so check them out quick!

The Boro News

The Statesboro Herald

The George Ann

YouTube Slide Show by


2 Responses to “Barefoot Race In The News!!!”

  1. kd Says:

    hey. . . congrats on everything you have accomplished thus far. I was wondering if you have heard anything about the internship?

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