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What NOW?!?!??? April 18, 2010

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Ok so now that the barefoot race is concluded and all of the One Day without Shoes madness is over, I find myself wondering, “What’s next?” Earth Day is coming up this week and my campus organization SAGE is having a huge event to celebrate the day. I have arranged for Merle Norman (the ONLY place in Statesboro that sells TOMS) to have a table set up to sell their TOMS so that’s pretty cool. We have some leftover finish line signs from the barefoot race so I think that we may have a couple mini barefoot races at the event. I’m not sure we will see how it goes.

Today is April 18th, it has been 7 weeks and 2 days since I submitted my application to TOMS and still no word. 😦 However, they say no news is good news. At least I haven’t received an email saying “Sorry you’re just not awesome enough to work here.” I’m pretty sure that they do tell you if they have decided not to pick you so I’m not uncrossing my fingers just yet… or my toes. The other day I asked my magic 8 ball if I would get the internship and it said “very likely” so let’s hope it’s right. The school year is winding down now and there is no more time for me to put on any more TOMS events in this semester. I guess I’ll just have to continue to spread the movement by telling the story every time someone compliments my shoes…. which happens allot, especially with the ones from Style Your Sole.  It’s so strange to me because I have never really cared about anything as much as I care about getting this internship and it really scares me that there is a possibility that I won’t get it….. But I haven’t been denied yet so for now I will keep my head up and my thoughts positive. I know that I deserve this internship and hopefully TOMS will see that too.

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