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Busy Busy Busy….. March 25, 2010

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This has been a really crazy week! All week long I have been arranging meetings and getting together with people from all over campus to organize this Barefoot Race on April 8th. I’m so happy to see everything coming together so smoothly in the end. I have exactly two weeks left until the race and there is still allot to do.

Today we mapped out the track for the race with the people at the Recreation Activity Center. I actually walked it barefoot so that I could be sure that it would be too challenging for the runners. All in all, I think it is an excellent place to hold the race. At the moment my biggest challenge is to get the radio stations and newspapers to come out to cover the event. I think this will be the biggest task and the one that I will be most proud of when I accomplish it. 🙂

Overall this have been a very productive and exciting week and I am very happy that Ga Southern has been so receptive to carrying on the One for One movement!

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